All of the men

Women are dwarfed by the growth of less than 120 centimeters, and the men below 130. At the beginning of last century, the average growth of a strong half of humanity was 155-160 cm, and the beginning of the new millennium, men have grown to 175, see them right lung contains in itself more air than the left. In general, men do on the day of 23 000 breaths. With thirty-five years, they begin to snore during sleep, and that are subject to 70 -% of men. Them enough to exceed the 20% of its weight, so that they have developed snoring.
For that, unlike women, men are less talkative, they say one day at 13 less than the thousands of words, and thus less attentive to lengthy conversations, which makes them deaf to the numerous requests of their wives. No accident that their body is about 75 miles of nerves.

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